Giving back on a global scale

We take our role in building strong communities seriously, which is why a workday at Stepper Homes may surprise you. At 6:00am we might already be up and on the road, riding our motorcycles for the Kids With Cancer Society. A little later that same week, we could be at Bowness High School, congratulating the students in the Stepper Trade Centre of Excellence for an outstanding semester. For us, community involvement goes far beyond volunteering once a year. We make a difference daily.

What started as a desire to give back locally has grown to include charitable programs that nurture communities around the world. At Stepper Homes, we are committed to reaching out as far and as wide as we can.


Community involvement

We joined forces with Bowness High School to create the Stepper Trade Centre of Excellence. Students can receive the training and education they need to become the skilled professionals of the future.

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Stepper Trade Centre of Excellence

When it comes to helping sick kids and their families, we lend more than just a hand. We hop on our motorbikes! This four-day event involves a motorcycle tour through the Canadian Rockies, all in an effort to raise money for the Kids with Cancer Society.

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Revving Up for Kids

Since 2010, Stepper Homes has visited El Salvador annually, to build homes for impoverished families and those with poor living conditions. Stepper has built over 400 homes and looks forward to building many more.

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El Salvador