Now could be the perfect time to get into the new home market, with a Quick Possession home

Prices in Calgary and surrounding areas have stabilized, with modest monthly gains in single-family home values becoming the norm. We’re still in a situation where prices in some areas of Calgary are more affordable than they have been for decades. But that’s beginning to change. Fast.

The inside story — we never stop building

As new homebuilders, we see the market from a long-term perspective. When demand for homes is low, we slow down or scale back our more speculative developments.

But we never stopped building. Because we know that the economy will improve, confidence will return — and new homes will always be in demand. So there are new homes available right now. We call them quick possessions. You may call them spec homes, move-in ready, or immediate possession homes. Whatever you call them, we can say one thing for sure — they are beginning to be snapped up. And we are starting to build again on a bigger scale, as the market picks up steam.

What does that mean for potential new homebuyers? It means some quick thinking and decisive action could yield a big windfall.

We live in (more) interesting times

As the market improves, prices are rising. But, even more importantly, the signals from the Bank of Canada point to even more interest rate rises in the coming years. Mortgage rates are slowly ticking up at the major banks. The ultra-low interest rates we’ve all taken for granted may soon be a distant memory.

For anyone considering a new home, this is a window of opportunity that may close with a bang. If you are renting, looking to move into a bigger home, or simply want to change your location, a Stepper quick possession means you can move within 90-180 days. And, remember, when you move everything will be just the way you want it: no renos required, no concerns over the quality of your property inside or out, with ‘1-2-5-10’ year warranties.

The simplest way to buy

All you need to do is act quickly. With a spec home, that’s easier in two important ways: 1) the price is fixed, and 2) you can see your home right now, so that you can plan your interior design immediately. With a fixed price there’s no haggling with realtors. Everything is simple and straightforward.

It’s the perfect time to track down a perfect new home at a low interest rate.

Browse Stepper’s Quick Possession Homes, starting in the low 300's, available in your favourite community. Show Homes are open Monday – Thursday 2-8pm, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 12-5pm, Closed Fridays.

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