Finding your fur-ever home definitely involves your favourite hairy, fuzzy or feathered family! Fur-tunately, there a number of options to give Citizen Canine or Katy Purr-y (last pun, we promise) exactly what they need in their new house! 

Access to Outdoor & Indoor Spaces

Access to the backyard or garage prevents a lot of mess from happening in your new home. You can add a custom doggy door that lets your pup get outside when they need to. These doors include security and weatherproofing features that keeps our unpredictable weather where it belongs - outside!

For cats, a door leading to the garage or the basement is a simple way to keep litter in its place, but also gives your pet a private, clean area, which they will appreciate. On top of that, these locations will neutralize any odors from making their way into other areas of the home.

Easy-to-Maintain Surfaces

Bed for dog

With new luxury vinyl plank (LVP), tile floors, and other engineered flooring types, cleaning is a breeze. These materials don't show as much dirt, and are easy to clean. These flooring types are also incredibly durable and stain resistent, which means your new homes will look great for a long time, no matter how many accidents happen under your roof.

Comfy Napping Spots

Pets are nappers by nature, so having cozy sleeping areas in your home will help make your pet feel comfortable and safe. You can have dog houses on the outside, or areas designated through the home or garage. Our Bayview showhome in Airdrie features a perfect nook in one of our garages that is a warm and cushy nook for Fido to hang out! Otherwise, pet beds, window sills and other sun spots away from the hustle and bustle of your home will assure restful spots for your pet!

Feeding Spots

Your pet will be in the kitchen too. By designating a place at the beginning of your design process for your dog or cat's food dishes will help keep this daily task under control. You could also add special storage or cubbies for all of their leashes, toys and treats too!

Primp Your Pet!

Lastly, while your doggy door might keep the outdoors out, your pet may bring the dirt in! A custom dog wash area can be a great addition to your home, with specific wash area built in. Mud rooms and garages are two perfect locations to make a pet frinedly cleaning zone.

Stepper Homes knows that these furry family members are an essential part of Calgary and area families lives. When you're looking for a new home, check out one of our communities and ask your Area Sales Manager about available add-ons to customize your home for your pets needs!