If it's the first time you've heard about attic rain, you're not alone. For many new home owners, attic rain is an unwelcome surprise after long periods of cold weather where frost accumulates in the attic, and then melts quickly when a warm front rolls in.

Attic rain is typically caused by moist air that cools, condenses and freezes in the attic space. It's quite common, but tends to be more exaggerated in extreme temperature variations - those days where we see -30 and plus 5 Degrees within 12 - 16 hours. Here are some great things that you can do to mitigate attic rain:

1) Following the first frost in the fall, turn your furnace fan to the "on" position and leave it on until frost subsides in spring.

2) Set the humidity in your home between 20 - 30%.

3) Clean your furnace filter regularly

4) Check your attic to ensure that your flex vents are connected to your roof vents.

Click This Link for More Information on Attic Rain. Photo courtesy of CBC News.