Realtor Knowledge is a Must When Selling Your Home!

With news swirling about higher than average MLS listings and new mortgage rules, it can feel like a hard time to buy and sell a home. However, while listings have gone up in the Calgary market, each community and home type is different. Throughout 2018, resale is on an upward trend and prices have general gone up. Now, more than ever, it is essential to have a realtor help you sell your home. A lot goes into selling a house, and Real Estate professionals are trained to sell your home in a way that benefits you.

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Agents generate buzz: Real Estate agents talk with each other and can spread the word in their industry circles. They can talk up your home and appeal to a big audience. Agents know how to market your home online with listing websites and social media, as well as offline with pamphlets, signs, and posters.

Real Estate professionals know the local market: Homeowners often over or under price their property. Emotional and sentimental attachments can encourage people to think their home is worth a lot more than market value, which can lead to properties sitting on the market for a long time.  Another problem is that sellers don’t always have knowledge of the status of the local real estate market. Often they end up selling their home for a lot less than they could have. Real Estate professionals know what the local market is and will price your home right so that it sells fast and at the right price.

Agents act as the “negotiator” and “buffer”: Selling a house takes up a lot of time. Between fielding phone calls from interested parties, hosting open houses or showings, setting up inspections, and negotiating prices and contracts, a realtor dedicates their time to the task. They handle all the time-consuming aspects of selling a house. Also, agents make negotiating easier because they act professionally, unemotionally, are always available to deal with interested buyers and inspectors and any other issues that may come up.

Contracts aren’t easy: Selling a home involves contracts and big financial transactions. Professionals deal with contracts and conditions for sellers and buyers regularly – it’s part of their job description! – so they can be trusted to know when to use what contracts and conditions to make sure you’re protected.

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