STEP 1: Let’s find a community you’ll love.

You’re not only buying a home, you’re buying the neighbourhood too.

Without a doubt, the three most important aspects of buying a new home will always be location, location and location. At Stepper Homes, we live in the communities we built in and take care to invest in the best.

When selecting a community, we ask ourselves some of the same questions that a homeowner would:

  • What does this community offer when complete?
  • Is the landscape going to change around me?
  • What recreational opportunities exist nearby?
  • Is there access to great schools, from K-12?
  • What kinds of stores and amenities are nearby?
  • What are the plans for new developments?
  • Where are the nearest churches, youth groups, sports club?
  • How long is the commute? Is transit readily accessible?
  • Is the neighbourhood family-friendly?
  • Would this be a good place to own a pet?

You may not be familiar with our communities, and your list of questions may be different than the ones we’ve listed. Fortunately, the Stepper Team has the information to help connect you with a community that you’ll love to live in.

STEP 2: Dealing with dollars and cents.

Let’s make a financial plan that works for you.

Now that you know where you want to live, what kind of home would you like to build there? A key element in your decision-making is bound to be finance. Stepper Homes can help in many important ways:

  • We work with top banks and other lenders, including RBC, TD Canada, BMO and Scotiabank, to help you find the right mortgage for your new home.
  • Our special offers help you through the home-buying process from beginning to end: Friends & Family Program, Guaranteed Sales Program, List & Save Program, Pay It Later Program and Loyalty Program.

Once you have a budget, your Area Sales Manager will work with you to choose a home model with specifications and upgrades that fit comfortably with your financial framework.

STEP 3: Have your say on home design.

Let’s make your home beautiful. Let’s make it yours.

A new built home offers all sorts of benefits over an established property, including price security, modern materials and appliances, and of course the choice of community and lot location.

But perhaps the most important aspect of building your own home is that you get to express your personality, through design and décor, in ways that are just not possible when buying an existing home.

Stepper Homes offers two approaches to interior design. Home Album is a set of designer-curated palettes that help you to quickly assemble a personalized look that is fully coordinated.

Stepper Select is highly customizable, allowing you to meet directly with our trades and suppliers, to choose almost everything from flooring to paint.

STEP 4: Meet your Construction Team.

We’ll communicate regularly on the construction status of your home.

After you confirm your interior design selections and any architectural changes, we can start to plan the construction of your new home. Our standard construction timeframe is 140 - 180 days from excavation of foundations to possession, but can vary slightly depending on the size of your home.

Once you sign-off on your plans, you’ll be in the hands of your construction team. The Area Site Supervisor will lead the team, contacting you regularly to keep you up-to-date on developments, especially delays that may be due to city permitting or inclement weather.

Your construction team will contact you to arrange site visits for important stages, such as the framing and electrical walkthrough. You can contact Stepper Homes anytime you have questions or wish to meet on site.

STEP 5: Congratulations! Start planning that housewarming party.

It’s time to take possession of your new home.

As soon as your kitchen cabinets are ready to be installed, we’ll be able to notify you on a firm possession date.

Before you move in, we’ll book a pre-occupancy inspection, where you’ll learn all about your home and its features. This meeting typically lasts for 90 minutes, and we encourage you to ask questions and point out any minor deficiencies. Chances are, we can have those fixed before you move in.

On Possession day, you will have your final walkthrough, checking to see that everything is as you expect it to be. You sign your final paperwork, we give you your keys — and the home is yours!

STEP 6: Peace of mind.

You’re in good hands with our Warranty Service Department.

Thirty days after your move-in, we’ll meet with you again to make sure that everything about your home is completed according to the terms of our contract — this is the 30 Day Warranty appointment.

Here, we will give you log-in privileges to our customer care software called Buildtopia. The Service On Demand system assures you that we are only a call or an email away if you have concerns or questions.