Stepper Select

Building a new home is all about personalization. With Stepper Select, you have more choice than ever before. Starting with the blueprints, we can help you design a home that fits the way you live. Move walls, add cabinetry, and give yourself space where you need it the most. Using the standard floor plan as a guide, there’s no telling where your imagination might take you.

Get creative and take control

How do you live? How do you want to live? Once you’ve selected the home plan that fits your family’s needs, you’re ready to take control and get creative. Perhaps you widen the garage, add a roof to your deck, or knock down an interior wall. Perhaps you want to add a mud room, an upstairs laundry or an island kitchen to the floor plans. With help from our architectural designers, we will help you visualize your dream home using our Sketch Request Process — full working drawings of your new home.

When it comes to interior design, you’re the creative director. Meet with our product suppliers one-on-one to select the finishing for your home. Carpets, hardwood, appliances, wallpapers and paint — you get to pick exactly what you’ve been looking for. With extended planning time, you can consider more options before construction begins. With Stepper Select, you get a home you design yourself, with all your family’s personal touches included in every room.

*Please note that Stepper Select is not available in every community.