El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, and many of the country's people live in extreme poverty in poorly constructed homes. When Hurricane Ida hit this already troubled country, over 16,000 homes were destroyed. Thousands of people with no place to call home was not something we could ignore.

To date, we have built over 400 homes in El Salvador.

Our home building skills meant that we could make a dramatic impact, and we definitely put our skills to work. In December of 2010, Stepper Homes provided the funding for 40 employees and spouses to go to El Salvador. The mission? To build 16 homes in 20 days!

When we left El Salvador, we knew we had changed lives forever, including our own.  We didn't forget that experience or the people that still needed help, so we returned to continue building in 2012 through 2019.  We've also made a video of our experience and what it means to us!

This year, COVID-19 has changed so much about our daily lives, but not the need for homebuilding to continue in El Salvador.  In order to continue our support, we'll be participating in Shelter Nexus, an online adventure that connects fundraising teams with Salvadoran families before, during and after their homes are built.

Our goal this year is to raise the funds to build 10 - 12 homes in El Salvador, with a maximum of 15 homes built per week.  Every donation made toward this goal will be matched by Stepper Homes, stretching our fundraising efforts further and helping families to find the shelter and protection that they so dearly need.

If you would like to help us in this journey, visit the Donations page of the Shelter Canada website and select "Stepper" as the Team Designation.  

Ride home from day 1 build in El Salvador

This is how we roll in El Salvador.

A video from our partners at Shelter Canada

Over the past decade, we have partnered with Shelter Canada to help organize our trips to El Salvador. In the time we have been building, Shelter has received many questions about what the impact is on the people who receive these homes. For a wonderful example, visit our Youtube page and find out more about Pimpa, Arsenio, and Basillio and how their homes have created hope and transformed their lives. These homes provide safety, comfort and hope for each of these families, and so many more.

Stepper Homes Team in El Salvador