How does $1000 in your pocket sound?

If your friends or family are looking for a new home, bring them in to meet one of our area sales managers! By recommending Stepper Homes, you could receive $1000 in cash rewards. All you need to do is introduce your friends and family, have them fill out the Friends and Family Program form, and they can submit the form when they put in an offer to buy a new home. As an added bonus, the people you refer will also receive $1000 in upgrades! It's just that easy!

BONUS: You can take advantage of the $1000 referral reward as many times as you like. The more people you recommend to buy a new home with Stepper Homes, the more cash in your pocket!

Referral bonus will only be paid once firm purchase of house is confirmed. Some conditions apply. See Showhome for details.