The freedom to move when you want to.

Sometimes, the stars don’t align. You’ve found the perfect Stepper Home, you’ve chosen your interior and exterior finishings — you’re all set to go. Just one drawback; homes in your area are proving tough to sell.

If that’s a concern for you, why not consider the Stepper Guaranteed Sale program?

Here’s how it works

By listing with Stepper Homes’ realtor partner (Richard Fleming of RE/MAX Real Estate (Mountain View), the new homeowner receives a guaranteed sale amount for their old home. That guarantee is valid for approximately 2.5 months prior to exchange of contracts on your new Stepper home. If you sell at a higher price beforehand, all good. If not, Stepper buys the home at the guaranteed price and your Stepper purchase can go ahead on the scheduled day.

Let’s look at an example scenario:

A property valued at $450,000 on the open market is valued by Stepper at 9% - 10% less — but that price is guaranteed. In this scenario, the net guarantee would be $388,462.50 (market price less 10%, to cover Stepper’s fees and associated risks). The percentage that is removed varies based on current market conditions and property location.

Stepper Homes Guaranteed Sale gives you peace of mind and can save you having to pay two mortgages. In fact, most homes in the program — 1697 out of 1700 — have sold for more inside the timescale, so the homeowner does not need to use the guarantee.

Contact Richard Fleming of RE/MAX Mountain View for a no-obligation consult.

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